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If you’re looking for the best brunch cafe in Bentleigh, VIC, join us at Via 9 Cafe & Bar.

We lead such busy lives jam-packed with work and other responsibilities, and we rarely have time left to see friends or family.

With an array of delicious vegetarian and meat-based dishes to choose from, a brunch at Via 9 Cafe & Bar is just what you need to take a break from your daily routine and catch up on your social life.

We’re open 6 days a week from 7 am to 8 pm. Visit us!  

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Tender Beef Slices With Mushrooms

If you’re craving for an Asian-inspired recipe, our tender beef slices and fresh veggies drizzled with oyster sauce will leave you in awe!

Served over a bed of steamed rice, this tasty combination of textures and savours will also please customers of all ages.

Book a table now! You’ll be amazed by our flavour packed oyster beef dish. 

A combination of textures and flavours

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