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Take on the day with one of our refreshing juices or smoothies at Via 9 Cafe & Bar in Bentleigh, VIC.


While rushing to leave for work or school, we often don’t have enough time for a proper breakfast

If this sounds familiar – stop by our juice bar. Our healthy, on-the-go juices are filled with nutrient-rich ingredients to keep you energised and are specially made to preserve the vitamins and minerals to give you all the health benefits.

Grab your fresh, fruity juice today!

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A hot summer morning calls for a refreshing and delicious smoothie. 

The hot weather can decrease your appetite, but that doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need hydration and other healthy supplements.  

Perfectly sweet and satisfying, our yummy smoothies are prepared using a handful of greens and fruits that will quickly help replenish your body. 

Grab yours before the heat kicks in! 

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